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Special Sessions
Sponsored by the Geomorphology Specialty Group
Association of American Geographers 102rd Annual Meeting
Chicago, Illinois, March 7-11.

Sediment Transport in Fluvial Systems I

Paper Session 2419
Tuesday, 3/8/06, from 1:00 PM - 2:40 PM


Geomorphology Specialty Group


Michael Slattery - Texas Christian University


Michael Slattery - Texas Christian University


  • 1:00 PM Author(s):
    *Peng Gao - Syracuse University
    Gregory B. Pasternack - University of California, Davis
    Bali M Khaled - University of California Desert Research & Extension Center, Holtville, Ca
    Wesley W Wallender - University of California, Davis
    Abstract Title: Suspended sediment transport in an intensively cultivated watershed in southeastern California

  • 1:20 PM Author(s):
    *David W. May - University of Northern Iowa
    Matthew G Hill - Iowa State University
    David J. Rapson - Iowa State University
    Abstract Title: Early Holocene Alluvial Sedimentation in an Ephemeral Stream Channel in Western Nebraska.

  • 1:40 PM Author(s):
    *Robert T. Pavlowski - Missouri State University
    Abstract Title: Geomorphic Assessment and Restoration Plans for the Ward Branch Restoration Project, Springfield, Missouri

  • 2:00 PM Author(s):
    *Jordan A. Clayton PhD - University of Colorado
    Abstract Title: Spatial and temporal variability in bed load transport in a gravel-bed river bend.

  • 2:20 PM Author(s):
    *Frank J. Magilligan - Dartmouth College
    Nira L. Salant - UBC, Department of Geography
    Carl E. Renshaw - Dartmouth College, Department of Earth Sciences
    Keith H. Nislow - USDA Forest Service
    Arjun Heimsath - Dartmouth College, Department of Earth Sciences
    Abstract Title: The use of short-lived fallout radionuclides to quantify transitional bed load transport in a regulated river

Session Description: This series of three special paper sessions are co-sponsored by the Coastal and Marine Geography (CoMa) and Geomorphology specialty groups. The research presented in the paper sessions cover a broad spectrum of spatial and temporal scales within aeolian geomorphology.

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