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Special Sessions
Sponsored by the Geomorphology Specialty Group
Association of American Geographers 102nd Annual Meeting
Chicago, Illinois, March 7-11.

The International Polar Years and Geography: A Legacy for the Future I

Paper Session 3109
Thursday, 3/9/06, from 8:00 AM - 9:40 AM


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Fredrick E. Nelson - University of Delaware
Jerry Brown


Jerry Brown


  • 8:00 AM Author(s):
    *Kevin R Wood - University of Washington/JISAO
    James E Overland - NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
    Abstract Title: Lessons learned from the First International Polar Year, 1882-1883

  • 8:20 AM Author(s):
    *David Carlson - International Polar Year
    Lorraine Craig - Royal Geographic Society
    Abstract Title: Polar Education for the upcoming International Polar Year

  • 8:40 AM Author(s):
    *Fae L Korsmo - National Science Foundation
    Abstract Title: Glaciology, Public Understanding of Science, and the International Geophysical Year

  • 9:00 AM Author(s):
    *Jerry Brown - International Permafrost Association
    Abstract Title: Permafrost and the International Polar Year

  • 9:20 AM Author(s):
    *Jeannette Allen - SSAI at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,
    Abstract Title: NASA Remote Sensing Resources for K-12 Classrooms: Contributions to IPY 2007-08

Session Description: This series of three special paper sessions are co-sponsored by the Coastal and Marine Geography (CoMa) and Geomorphology specialty groups. The research presented in the paper sessions cover a broad spectrum of spatial and temporal scales within aeolian geomorphology.

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