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Special Sessions
Sponsored by the Geomorphology Specialty Group
Association of American Geographers 102nd Annual Meeting
Chicago, Illinois, March 7-11.

Soil Geography and Geomorphology III: Climate and Eolian Influences

Paper Session 3616
Thursday, 3/9/06, from 5:00 PM - 6:40 PM


Geomorphology Specialty Group


Randy Schaetzl - Michigan State University
Peter Scull


Peter Scull


  • 5:00 PM Author(s):
    *Randy Schaetzl, PhD - Michigan State University
    Walter Loope, PhD - US Geological Survey
    Abstract Title: Silty upland soils and glaciolacustrine environments in northern Michigan: Using soil “spatial signatures” to understand landscape evolution

  • 5:20 PM Author(s):
    *Mark C Nelson - University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
    Ashley Wong - University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
    Karen G Havholm, PhD - University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
    Garry L Running, PhD - University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
    Abstract Title: Dunes, Forests, and People during the Late-Holocene: Evidence from Buried Podzolic Soils in the Crepeele Dune Field, Southwestern Manitoba

  • 5:40 PM Author(s):
    *Greg Okin - University of Virginia
    Junran Li - University of Virginia
    Lorelei Li - University of Virginia
    Howard Epstein - University of Virginia
    Abstract Title: Impact of Aeolian Processes on Soil Surface Resource Distribution

  • 6:00 PM Author(s):
    *Stephani Michelsen-Correa - Colgate University
    Peter R Scull - Colgate University
    Abstract Title: The Impact of Reforestation on Soil Temperature

  • 6:20 PM Author(s):
    *Peter R Scull, Assistant Professor - Colgate University
    Jennifer A. Miller - West Virginia University
    Abstract Title: Using multivariate adaptive regression splines to assess the extent to which climate controls landscape-scale soil carbon variability

Session Description: This series of three special paper sessions are co-sponsored by the Coastal and Marine Geography (CoMa) and Geomorphology specialty groups. The research presented in the paper sessions cover a broad spectrum of spatial and temporal scales within aeolian geomorphology.

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