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Special Sessions
Sponsored by the Geomorphology Specialty Group
Association of American Geographers 102nd Annual Meeting
Chicago, Illinois, March 7-11.

Aeolian Geomorphology I

Paper Session 4117
Friday, 3/10/06, from 8:00 AM - 9:40 AM


Geomorphology Specialty Group


Jean Taylor Ellis - Texas A&M University
Patrick A. Hesp - Louisiana State University


Paul A. Gares


  • 8:00 AM Author(s):
    *Douglas J. Sherman, Professor - Texas A&M University
    Abstract Title: Error Analytics and Wind Blown Sand

  • 8:20 AM Author(s):
    *Jean Taylor Ellis - Texas A&M University
    Abstract Title: Quantifying Unsteadiness in Aeolian Saltation

  • 8:40 AM Author(s):
    *Steven Namikas - Louisiana State University
    Yuanda Zhu - Louisiana State University
    Abstract Title: Spatial and Temporal Variability in the Surface Moisture Content of a Fine-Grained Beach

  • 9:00 AM Author(s):
    *Bernard O. Bauer - University of British Columbia Okanagan
    Robin G.D. Davidson-Arnott - University of Guelph
    Abstract Title: Moisture and Temperature Trends on an Active Aeolian Beach Surface

  • 9:20 AM Author(s):
    *Patrick A. Hesp, Dr. - Louisiana State University,
    Sergio Dillenburg, Dr. - CECO, UFRGS
    Abstract Title: Evolution and Dynamics of a Prograded Transgressive Dunefield Barrier in Southern Brazil

Session Description: This series of three special paper sessions are co-sponsored by the Coastal and Marine Geography (CoMa) and Geomorphology specialty groups. The research presented in the paper sessions cover a broad spectrum of spatial and temporal scales within aeolian geomorphology.

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