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Special Sessions
Sponsored by the Geomorphology Specialty Group
Association of American Geographers 102nd Annual Meeting
Chicago, Illinois, March 7-11.

Human Imapcts in Geomorpholgy

Paper Session 4517
Friday, 3/10/06, from 4:00 PM - 5:40 PM


Geomorphology Specialty Group


William H. Renwick - Miami University


William H. Renwick - Miami University


  • 4:00 PM Author(s):
    *Dan Royall - UNC-Greensboro
    Deborah Shoffner - UNC-Greensboro
    Anita Henderson - UNC-Greensboro
    Abstract Title: Hydraulic Biotope Composition in Urban and Rural Piedmont Streams

  • 4:20 PM Author(s):
    *Martin Roberge - Towson University
    Abstract Title: Timing and response of stream morphology to urbanization

  • 4:40 PM Author(s):
    *Anne Chin - Texas A&M University
    Herve Piegay - CNRS
    Kenneth J. Gregory - University of Southampton
    Stanley V. Gregory - Oregon State University
    Melinda D. Daniels - University of Cennecticut
    Michael A. Urban - University of Missouri
    Wendy Bigler - Southern Illinois University Carbondale
    Anya Butt - Central College
    Judith L. Grable - Valdosta State University
    Ellen E. Wohl - Colorado State University
    Abstract Title: Perceptions of wood in rivers and challenges for stream restoration

  • 5:00 PM Author(s):
    *James A Hyatt, Dr. - Eastern Connecticut State University
    Andrew H Ivester, Dr. - University of West Georgia
    Tim Chowns, Dr. - University of West Georgia
    Abstract Title: Sedimentary Records of Human-Induced Landscape Change Associated with Massive Soil Erosion in Georgia

  • 5:20 PM Author(s):
    *William H. Renwick - Miami University
    Zac D. Anderek - Miami University
    Abstract Title: Reservoir sedimentation in Ohio: Evidence of long-term trends in erosion and sediment delivery.

Session Description: This series of three special paper sessions are co-sponsored by the Coastal and Marine Geography (CoMa) and Geomorphology specialty groups. The research presented in the paper sessions cover a broad spectrum of spatial and temporal scales within aeolian geomorphology.

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