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Special Sessions
Sponsored by the Geomorphology Specialty Group
Association of American Geographers 103rd Annual Meeting
San Francisco, California, April 17-21.

Flood Hazards in the Central Valley

Paper Session 5144
Saturday, 4/21/07, from 8:00 AM - 9:40 AM


Geomorphology Specialty Group
Water Resources Specialty Group
Hazards Specialty Group


L Allan James - University Of South Carolina
Susan L. Cutter - University of South Carolina


Burrell E. Montz - Binghamton University


  • 8:00 AM Author(s):
    *L Allan James - University Of South Carolina
    Abstract Title: Physiographic and Historic Underpinnings of Flood Hazards in the Sacramento Valley, California.

  • 8:20 AM Author(s):
    *Ralph E. Klinger - Bureau of Reclamation
    John F. England, Jr. - Bureau of Reclamation
    Abstract Title: Late Holocene Paleoflood History of the American River Basin, Central California.

  • 8:40 AM Author(s):
    *Michael B Singer - University of California Santa Barbara
    Abstract Title: Flood Risk in the Sacramento Valley: The Status of a Creaky, yet Functional, Flood Control System.

  • 9:00 AM Author(s):
    *Roxane Fridirici - California State University, Sacramento
    Abstract Title: Floods of People: Migration and Opportunity Versus Flood Risk in San Joaquin County, California.

  • 9:20 AM Author(s):
    *Susan L. Cutter - University of South Carolina
    Christopher Burton - University of South Carolina
    Abstract Title: Social Vulnerability to Levee Failures in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Session Description: Natural hydrologic, geomorphic, and climatic factors, together with anthropogenic changes to the flood conveyance system and potential changes in flood probabilities combine to form a serious physical flood hazard in the Central Valley. In addition, rapid settlement and questions about levee coordination suggest that public safety is at an unprecedented high risk in the Valley. This session evaluates the hydrologic and geomorphic systems that control flooding, growing levels of social vulnerability, and the implications of these two converging conditions.

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