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This site has evolved over a period of many years through the efforts of several individuals. While we cannot possibly list all the contributors who have made this site better, we have tried to identify sources of materials when used.

  • Marty Roberge created the Geomorphorum logo.

  • Tom Paradise created the GSG logo (upper left corner of this page).

  • Karen A. Lemke gave the GSG web site a major face lift in August 2001. In addition to reformatting the pages, she improved the menus and file directories, repaired several broken links, and listed the 2001 awards and newsletter information. Thanks Karen!!!

  • Allan James created the original web site for the GSG. Without AJ, there would be no GSG site. Many thanks to AJ for providing us with the means to preserve our institutional memory!

  • Mike Urban (urbanm@missouri.edu) currently maintains the site. Corrections or suggested additions to the site would be most welcome! Errors of omission or commission are solely Mike's fault and not the Officers of the group.

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