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CD-ROM with Geomorphological Images

Michael Slattery has compiled a set of geomorphic images illustrating both processes and their resultant landforms. The images contained on the CD were solicited from geomorphologists worldwide. Proceeds from the sale of the CD go directly to the GSG and help fund student research awards.

From Mike:

"The CD-ROM of geomorphological images is now ready! ... There are 870 quality images on this CD and it should serve as a good teaching resource for faculty and students. If you would like to order your copy please mail a cheque for $25 US, made payable to the "Geomorphology Specialty Group", to:
Please submit materials to:

Dr. Mike Slattery
Department of Geology
Texas Christian University
P.O. Box 298830
Fort Worth, TX 76129

Overseas buyers can do one of two things:
  • Write a cheque payable to Mike Slattery from your account in whatever currency, which can be cashed and converted at the exchange rate. Make sure you allow a little leeway for rate fluctuations. Please remember to make the cheque is made out to Mike Slattery directly otherwise it cannot be processed.
  • Another option is to wire money directly to Mike Slattery who will, in turn, write a cheque to the Geomorphology Specialty Group. For those who want to pursue this option, please email Mike directly to obtain routing and account information.

Samples of images from the CD can be seen here.

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