AAG 2019 Award Recipients

At the American Association of Geographers 2019 Annual Meeting held in Washington D.C., the Geomorphology Specialty Group was pleased to announce the following awards:

G.K. Gilbert Award for Excellence in Geomorphological Research

Receiving their 2019 G.K. Gilbert Award: (left to right) Phil Larson – Minnesota State University, Doug Faulkner and Garry Running – University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Mel Marcus Distinguished Career Award

  • Dr. Heather Viles – University of Oxford

Reds Wolman Student Research Awards

  • Ph.D. – Greta Wells (University of Texas): Reconstructing Holocene jökulhlaups along the Hvítá River and Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland
  • M.S. – Jordan Fields (Dartmouth College): River recovery and channel reach evolution following dam removal in a small upland channel

Graduate Student Paper Awards

  • Ph.D. – Cesar Castillo (Texas A&M University): Channel-floodplain connectivity within a coastal riverine landscape of Texas
  • M.S. – Miranda Jordan (Missouri State University): Watershed disturbance history as interpreted through floodplain core analysis, Big River Watershed, Ozark Highlands, Missouri

Undergraduate Poster Award

  • Andrew Vanderheiden, Nicole Hernandez, Haoyan Chen, Billy Hales, and Cesar Castillo (Texas A&M University): Comparison of geomorphometric approaches for extracting channel dimensions of meandering rivers
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