Graduate Student Paper Awards

Graduate Student Paper Awards

  • The GSG Awards Committee invites graduate students presenting in any GSG-sponsored session during the 2023 AAG Annual Meeting to participate in the GSG’s Student Paper Award competition. Graduate students from all branches of geomorphology are encouraged to submit an application for consideration. Separate awards of $250 can be given for Masters and Ph.D. To be eligible for the award, students must be members of the AAG and the GSG and registered to give a first-authored presentation in a GSG-sponsored session. The subject matter may deal with any aspect of geomorphology. Papers are evaluated on the research contribution to the field of geomorphology and on the effectiveness of the presentation. Award winners will be announced after the annual meeting and publicized in the AAG Newsletter. The application package must include in a single PDF file with applicant’s name included in the file name (ex., “JDoe_PhDPaperAward” or “JDoe_MastersPaperAward”):
    1. A cover letter indicating your graduate degree status, and the date, time, session number, session chair contact information, and location of your presentation.
    2. A copy of the 250-word abstract submitted to the AAG meeting.

To be considered for the 2022 award, the Awards Committee must receive the application package and any supporting documentation by February 10, 2023.

Please submit materials electronically to the Awards Committee Chair: Katherine Lininger (

Past Recipients of the Graduate Student Paper Award


  • Ph.D.: Chelsy Silas, (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign). Spatial and temporal distribution of suspended sediment concentrations from different floodplain geomorphic environments of a lowland meandering river. Advisor: Bruce Rhoads
  • no award given


  • Ph.D.: Sumaiya Siddique, (Louisiana State University). Assessing over 100-years of geomorphic and anthropogenic alterations on the Grand River, Michigan. Advisor: Kory Konsoer
  • no award given


     no awards given


  • Ph.D.: Cesar Castillo, (Texas A&M University). Channel-floodplain connectivity within a coastal riverine landscape of Texas. Advisor: Inci Güneralp
  • Masters: Miranda Jordan, (Missouri State University). Watershed disturbance history as interpreted through floodplain core analysis, Big River Watershed, Ozark Highlands, Missouri. Advisor: Robert Pavlowsky


  • Ph.D.: Ray Lombardi, (University of Alabama). A meta-analysis of Holocene fluvial activity in the Southeastern U.S. Advisor: Lisa Davis
  • Masters: Natalie Trivino, (University of Denver). Paleoflood investigations and physiographic characteristics associated with susceptibility to flooding in the mountainous Colorado Front Range. Advisor: Mike Daniels


  • Ph.D.:
  • Masters:


  • Ph.D.: Bryce Marston, (Kansas State University) Geomorphology and Large Wood Dynamics of Headwater Mountain Streams Infested by the Mountain Pine Beetle, Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming. Advisor: Melinda Daniels.
  • Masters: Greta Wells, (University of Texas – Austin) Geomorphologic Evidence of a Holocene Jökulhlaup in the Jökulsá á Fjöllum Channel, Iceland. Advisor: Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach.


  • Ph.D.: Megan McCusker Hill, (University of Connecticut) Gullies as Markers of Holocene and Anthropocene Environmental Change in southern New England. Advisor: Melinda Daniels.
  • Ph.D.: Jessica Zinger, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Linking hydroacoustic measurements of flow structure to morphologic change at an actively evolving chute cutoff on the Wabash River, IL-IN. Advisor: Bruce Rhoads.
  • Masters: No award granted.


  • Ph.D.: Kory Konsoer, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Influence of Bedrock Control, Bank Materials, Riparian Vegetation, and Planform Geometry on the Morphodynamics of a Large Meandering River. Advisor: Bruce Rhoads.
  • Masters: Ryan Vaughn, (University of Alabama) Hydro-Geomorphological Influences on Plant Patch Density and Distribution in Bedrock-Shoal Habitats of the Cahaba River, AL. Advisor: Lisa Davis.


  • Ph.D.: Christy Swann, (Texas A&M University) Wind-Blown Sand: Threshold of Motion. Advisor: Doug Sherman
  • Masters: Jay Guarneri, (University of Arkansas at Monticello) Comparing Methods for Delineating Headwater Streams. Advisor: Hal O’Liechty.


  • Ph.D.: John Gartner, (Dartmouth College) Dam Removal on the Ashuelot River, New Hampshire: A Natural Scale Experiment in Sandy and Coarse-grained Channels. Advisor: Frank Magilligan.
  • Masters: Andrew DeWitt, (Missouri State University) Channel Morphology Regime Equations for the James River, Southwest Missouri Ozarks. Advisor: Bob Pavlowsky.


  • Ph.D.: Subhajit Ghoshal, (University of South Carolina) Floodplain and Channel Change Analysis Using Dem Differencing: Lower Yuba River, California. Advisor: Allan James.
  • Masters: Ping Fu, (Purdue University) Reconstructing the Quaternary Glaciations of the Shaluli Shan, SE Tibetan Plateau. Advisor: Jon Harbor.


  • Ph.D.: No award given.
  • Masters: Patrick Dryer, (Missouri State University) Catastrophic valley entrenchment and debris fan formation in the Bluefields River, Westmoreland Jamaica. Advisor: Robert Pavlowsky.
  • Masters: Shelby Zelonis, (University of South Carolina) Geomorphic analysis of a rural fluvial system during preand post-dam removal conditions: A case study in eastern Virginia.


  • Ph.D.: Ryan Perroy, (University of California at Santa Barbara) Quantifying geomorphic processes in a disturbed landscape, southwestern Santa Cruz Island, CA. Advisor: Oliver Chadwick.
  • Masters: Ben Meade, (Kansas State University) Spatial Extent, Timing, and Causes of Channel Incision, Black Vermillion Watershed, Northeastern Kansas. Advisor: Richard Marston.


  • Ph.D.: Nira Salant, (University of British Columbia) ‘Sticky Business’: The Influence of Surface Periphyton on Particle Deposition and Streambed Hydraulics. Advisor: Marwan Hassan.
  • Masters: Gwenda Schlomer, (Missouri State University) Sedimentological and Geochemical Indicators of the Presettlement Boundary in Overbank Floodplain Deposits of the Little Buffalo-Dutch Buffalo River System, North Carolina. Advisor: Robert Pavlowsky.


  • Ph.D.: Mark Lange, (University of Southern California) Patterns of flow at a tidal river divergence, Sacramento River, California. Advisor: Bernard Bauer.
  • Masters: Brooke R. Saari, (University of West Florida) Post-hurricane interactions between vegetation dynamics, dune recovery, and physical gradients on barrier islands. Advisor: Chris Houser.


  • Ph.D.: Jennifer Horwath, (University of Washington) Associations of Soil Organic Carbon with Non-sorted Striped Patterned Ground in Northwest Greenland. Advisor: Ronald S. Sletten.
  • Masters: Jonathan Dinkin, (Towson University) The Effects of Imperviousness on the Channel Morphology of Perennial Streams in the Piedmont Region of Central Maryland. Advisor: Martin Roberge.


  • Ph.D.: Jordan Clayton, (University of Colorado) The Influence of Surface Sorting on Particle Mobility in Gravel-Bed River Meanders. Advisor: John Pitlick.
  • Masters: Maya Hirsch, (Missouri State University) Sources and Transport of Sediment-Bound Phosphorous in Agricultural Streams, Des Moines Lobe, Iowa. Advisor: Robert Pavlowsky.


  • Ph.D.: Linda Martin, (University of Kentucky), Erosional Responses to Land Use influences in a Sensitive Fluviokarst Environment. Advisor: Jonathan Phillips.


  • Ph.D.: Bruce MacVicar, (Universite de Montreal).
  • Masters: Susan Licher, (Missouri State University) History of Sedimentation and Contamination in Valley Mill Reservoir, Springfield, Missouri. Advisor: Robert Pavlowsky.


  • Ph.D.: Martin W. Doyle (E.H. Stanley and J. M. Harbor co-authors), (Purdue University) Predicting Nutrient Retention and Processing Following Dam Removal by Coupling Geomorphic and Biogeochemical Models. Advisor: Jon Harbor.


  • Ph.D.: Mark A. Fonstad, (Arizona State University) The Instability of Classic Flood Assumptions: The Case of the 1999 Canadian River Headwaters Flood. Adviser: Will Graf.


  • Ph.D.: Chris Houser, (University of Toronto) The Emission of PM10 From a Clay-Crusted Surface, and the Use of Shear Velocity Emission Models.


  • Ph.D.: David Howes, (University at Buffalo) One-and Two-Dimensional Modeling of Surface Runoff in a Desert Shrubland Ecosystem. Advisor: Athol Abrahams.


  • None Recorded.


  • Masters: J. Michael Daniels, (Louisiana State University) (co-authored with Richard Kesel), Channel Disturbance Migration Through a Drainage Network, Homochitto River Basin, Mississippi. Advisor: Richard Kesel.


  • Ph.D.: Gang Li, (University at Buffalo) Effect of rainfall on the sediment transport capacityof overland flow. Advisor: Athol Abrahams.


  • Ph.D.: Jianchun Yi, (University of Southern California) From “the Law of the Wall” to “Velocity Defect Law” – A Boundary Layer Flow Perspective in Aeolian Process Over Sandy Beach. Advisor: Bernie Bauer.


  • No award given.


  • Masters: Stephen Kenworthy, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Advisor: Bruce Rhoads.
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