Reds Wolman Student Research Award

  • The GSG Awards Committee invites graduate students to participate in the GSG’s M. Gordon “Reds” Wolman Graduate Student Research Award competition. Each year, the GSG awards two graduate student research grants to help cover the costs of data acquisition, fieldwork, and laboratory analysis required to complete thesis or dissertation research. Awards are $600 for Masters students and $1000 for Ph.D. students. To be eligible for the award, students must be members of the AAG and the GSG. Award winners will be announced during the GSG Business Meeting at the 2023 AAG Annual Meeting, and publicized in the AAG Newsletter.
  • The application package must include in a single PDF file with applicant’s name included in the file name (ex., “JDoe_WolmanPhDAward” or “JDoe_WolmanMastersAward”):

1. A research proposal (approximately 3-5 pages in length)
2. Two short letters of recommendation

To be considered for the 2023 award, the Awards Committee must receive the application package and any supporting documentation by January 27, 2023.

Please submit materials electronically to the Awards Committee Chair: Katherine Lininger (

Past Recipients


  • Ph.D.: John Kemper, (Colorado State University) Sediment-ecological connectivity: establishing the links between tributary morphological processes and downstream riparian vegetation dynamics. Advisor: Sara Rathburn.
  • M.S: Taylor Johaneman, (University of Colorado Boulder) Geomorphic and ecological responses to human modification of the Fremont River, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah. Advisor: Katherine Lininger.


  • Ph.D.: Anais Simmer, (University of Texas, Austin) Future of periglacial landscapes: Biogeomorphic Interactions and Novel Alpine Ecosystems in the Tropical Andes and French Alps. Advisor: Tim Beach.
  • M.S: no award given


  • Ph.D.: Greta Wells, (University of Texas, Austin) Reconstructing Holocene jökulhlaups along the Hvítá River and Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland. Advisor: Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach.
  • M.S: Jordan Fields, (Dartmouth College) River recovery and channel reach evolution following dam removal in a small upland channel. Advisor: Frank Magillian.


  • Ph.D.: Shannon Jones, (University of Denver). Effects of land use change on suspended sediment dynamics: an integration of field-based and remote sensing methods. Advisor: Mike Daniels
  • M.S.: Matthew Koerner, (University of Alabama). Effects of freshwater mussels on sediment transport processes in rivers. Advisor: Lisa Davis


  • Ph.D.: Evan Dethier, (Dartmouth College) Source, routing, and fate of suspended sediment in a flood-impacted watershed. Advisor: Frank Magilligan.
  • Ph.D.: Paepin Goff, (Texas State University) Rock Glaciers as Water Towers in the Wind River, Gros Ventre, and Grand Teton Ranges of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Advisor: Dave Butler.
  • Masters: No award granted.


  • Ph.D.: Cesar Castillo, (Texas A & M University) Hydrologic Surface Connectivity and its Implications to a Coastal River-floodplain System. Advisor: Inci Güneralp.
  • Ph.D.: Xiaoyu Lu, (University of Tennessee) Connecting Spatio-temporal Domains of Water Erosion Regimes: A Geomorphic Perspective. Advisor: Yingkui Li.
  • Masters: No award granted.


  • Ph.D.: Edward Park, (University of Texas – Austin) Roles of tributaries, floodplains, and anabranching channel patterns on suspended sediment transport in the Amazon River. Advisor: Edgardo Latrubesse.
  • Masters: Anna Parker Solverson, (University of Colorado – Denver) Geomorphological-ecological interactions in mountain streams following wildfire. Advisor: Anne Chin.


  • Ph.D.: Katherine B. Lininger, (Colorado State University) Floodplain – Instream Wood Interactions in the Central Yukon River Basin. Advisor: Ellen Wohl.
  • Masters: Allison Tarbox, (University of Alabama) Better Understanding Spatial Heterogeneity of Bedrock Channel Form in Mid-sized Rivers. Advisor: Lisa Davis.


  • Ph.D.: Matthew Goslin, (University of Oregon) Determining patterns of geomorphological change relative to spatial patterns of a river ecosystem engineer, Carex nudata. Advisors: Patricia McDowell and Andrew Marcus.
  • Masters: Helen W. Beeson, (University of Oregon) The Influence of Deep-seated Landslides on Valley Width and In-channel Geomorphic Features in the Oregon Coast Range, USA. Advisor: Mark Fonstad.


    • Ph.D.: Rebecca Manners, (Utah State University) Multi-Scalar Geomorphic and Vegetative Feedbacks in the Colorado River Basin. Advisor: Jack Schmidt
  • Masters: Mitchell Fyock, (University of Montana) Assessing the Use of Existing Geomorphological Mapping Systems for High Mountain Environments in the United States. Advisor: Ulrich Kamp.


  • Ph.D.: Katie H. Costigan, (Kansas State University) Critical Corridors in the Fluvial Ecosystem Landscape; Hydraulic, Geomorphologic and Thermal Habitat Dynamics at Confluences. Advisor: Melinda Daniels
  • Masters: Andrew DeWitt, (Missouri State University) Downstream changes in channel morphology and stream power in an Ozarks Watershed, Southwest Missouri. Advisor: Bob Pavlowsky


  • No awards granted.


  • Ph.D.: G. Burch Fisher, (University of California at Santa Barbara) Constraining the Timescales of Sediment Sequestration Associated with Large Woody Debris using Cosmogenic Beryllium-7. Advisor: Francis J. Magilligan.
  • Masters: No award granted.


  • Ph.D.: Nira Salant, (University of British Columbia) ‘Sticky Business’: The Influence of Surface Periphyton on Particle Deposition and Streambed Hydraulics. Advisor: Marwan Hassan.
  • Masters: Gwenda J. Schlomer, (Missouri State University) Sedimentological and Geochemical Indicators of the Presettlement Boundary in Overbank Floodplain Deposits of the Little Buffalo-Dutch Buffalo River System, North Carolina. Advisor: Robert Pavlowsky.


  • Ph.D.: James D. Riley, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Flow dynamics and channel morphology at natural confluent-meander bends. Advisor: Bruce L. Rhoads.
  • Masters: Gwenda J. Schlomer, (Missouri State University) Geomorphic response of a North Carolina Piedmont watershed to Early American settlement as recorded in overbank floodplain deposits. Advisor: Robert Pavlowsky.


  • Ph.D.: İnci Güneralp, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Curvature – Migration Relations and the Planform Dynamics of Meandering Rivers Advisor: Bruce L. Rhoads.
  • Masters: Kimberly Meitzen, (University of South Carolina) Development, Disturbance, and Maintenance: Process Pattern Relationships in Riparian Environments, Congaree River, Congaree National Park, South Carolina Advisor: William L. Graf.


  • Ph.D.: Mark Lange, (University of Southern California) Spatial-temporal Patterns of Suspended Sediment Transport at a Tidal River Bifurcation Advisor: Bernard O. Bauer.
  • Masters: Rebecca Manners, (University of North Carolina) Determining the Function of the Not-So-Large Woody Debris: An Hydraulic Evaluation of the Maintenance of Large Woody Debris (LWD) Jams Advisor: Martin Doyle.


  • Ph.D.: Jennifer Horwath, (University of Washington) Carbon Storage and the Role of Cryoturbation in High Arctic Soils: Thule, Greenland Advisor: Ronald Sletten.
  • Masters: Katy Price, (University of Georgia) Human Impact on the Morphology and Water Quality of Streams in the Southern Blue Ridge Advisor: David Leigh.


  • Ph.D.: Joseph P. Hupy, (Michigan State University) Advisor: Randy Schaetzel.
  • Masters: Hannah J. Haynie, (Dartmouth College) Advisor: Frank Magilligan.


  • Ph.D.: Two awards given:
    • 1st Place: Wendy Bigler, (Arizona State University) Geomorphic Impacts of Gravel Mining in an Arid, Rapidly Urbanizing River System
    • 2nd Place: Lynn M. Resler, (Texas State University) Spatial and Temporal Considerations of Microtopographic – Vegetation Facilitation in the Northern Rocky Mountains
  • Masters: No award granted.


  • Ph.D.: Martin W. Doyle, (Purdue University) Mechanisms, Rates, and Magnitudes of Stream Channel Adjustment Following Catastrophic Disturbance Advisor: Jon Harbor.
  • Masters: Jennifer Horwath, (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) A Study of Gravelly Mima-Type Mounds in Prairies of Southwestern Missouri Advisor: Don Johnson.


  • Ph.D.: J. Michael Daniels, (University of Wisconsin) Holocene Alluvial Chronologies, Historical Gully Erosion, and Drainage Network Development in the Upper Republican River Basin
  • Masters: Linda Martin, (Missouri State University) Geomorphic Adjustments of Ozark Stream Channels to Urbanization Advisor: Bob Pavlowsky.


  • Ph.D.: Two awards given:
    • Andreas Baas, (University of Southern California) The Aeolian Bedform System: Toward the Application of Entropy Principles to the Interactions Between Aeolian Ripples, Wind Flow and Sediment Transport
    • Jeremy Venditti, (University of British Columbia) The Development of Three-dimensional Dune Topography in Alluvial Channels: An Exploratory Flume Study
  • Masters: No award granted.


  • Ph.D.: Charles E. Allen, (University of Illinios at Urbana-Champaign)
  • Masters: No award granted.


  • Ph.D.: Andrew H. Investor, (University of Georgia) Inland Eolian Dunes in Georgia: Age, Morphology, and Paleoclimatic Implications
  • Masters: Brian P. Bender, (University of Western Washington) Holocene Geomorphic Evolution and Stratigraphy of Cape Shoalwater, Washington


  • Ph.D.: No award granted.
  • Masters: Three awards granted
    • Jill Oppenheim, (University of Georgia) Advisor: David Leigh.
    • Ian Walker, (University of Guelph) Advisor: Bill Nickling.
    • J. Wayne Boulton, (University of Guelph) Advisor: Bill Nickling.
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